Myoton is going to the ISS - International Space Station January 2, 2018

Myoton technology on its way to become the new Gold Standard in soft tissue assessment, will be launched to the International Space Station in spring 2018. It is a very remarkable and historic moment for Estonia as well as for the whole world as until now muscle tone, stiffness and elasticity have never been possible to measure in space. Moreover, it is the first complete technology developed in Estonia that will be used on the ISS. Unique technological solution applied in MyotonPRO digital palpation device enables objective evaluation of muscles health and physical condition on Earth as well as in space where musculoskeletal system is exposed to degradation due to the zero gravity conditions. As of today, hundreds of scientific institutions on an international scale are using Myoton in clinical research to aid the build-up of a strong scientific background for various clinical and sports applications. See more in the video produced by the Estonian National Television (ERR) in Cologne, European Astronaut Training Centre, September 2017. European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Dr. Alexander Gerst being measured with MyotonPRO in European Astronaut Training Centre, by NASA astronaut Dr. Jeanette J. Epps