September 2023

Effects of Mid‐ and Low‐Frequency Electromyostimulation for Prevention of Sarcopenia on Lower Extremity Muscles

Authors: Jae Woong Han 1, Byeong Chan Cho 2, Bo Won Jung 2, Eui Han Pak 3, Tae Soo Bae 1


  1. Department of AI Biomedical Engineering, Jungwon University, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea
  2. Department of Convergence Engineering, Jungwon University, Chungbuk, Republic of Korea
  3. Miracle Healthcare Co., Ltd, Wonju, Republic of Korea

Journal: International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - August 2023 (DOI: 10.1007/s12541-023-00855-y)

Sarcopenia refers to the age-related reduction in muscle mass, decrease in muscle strength, and functional decline of muscles. Electromyostimulation is known to be effective in preventing sarcopenia by strengthening muscle strength. However, it is still controversial which is more effective for preventing sarcopenia, mid-frequency electromyostimulation or low-frequency electromyostimulation. Therefore, this study compared and analyzed the effects of mid- and low-frequency electromyostimulations on lower limb muscles.

Forty subjects wore electromyostimulation pants and performed the prescribed exercise four times a week for 6 weeks. In this study, the subjects’ maximum voluntary contraction force, muscle activity while walking, and muscle frequency, muscle stiffness, and muscle decrement were measured once a week during the experiment.

Through the experiment, the maximum voluntary contraction force, muscle frequency and muscle stiffness increased by 0.9%, 4.74%, and 4.74%, respectively, more using the mid-frequency electromyostimulation of 1000 Hz during exercise than using the low-frequency electromyostimulation of 62.5 Hz during exercise, but the muscle activity while walking and the muscle decrement decreased by 10.6% and 2.76%, respectively, more.

In conclusion, since mid-frequency electromyostimulation is more effective in strengthening muscle strength than low-frequency electromyostimulation, it is expected to have an effect in slowing down or preventing the progression of sarcopenia. This study is considered to be used as the foundational data in relation to muscle strengthening to prevent sarcopenia in the future.


Keywords: sarcopenia, muscle strength, electromyostimulation, mid-frequency

In summary, it was concluded that M-EMS was more effective than L-EMS in muscle strengthening and preventing sarcopenia, and the effect would be higher in females.